Operation Consent 

Transforming a Rape Culture Society Into a Culture of Consent.



Artwork by St Claire Castro http://superfckkk.tumblr.com/

Operation Consent opened with its first exhibition in Washington, DC at Union Arts on April 4th, 2016. After over 30 women came out with stories of being raped by Bill Cosby, Kesha was being sued by Dr Luke for speaking out after being raped and sexually harassed, and rape apologist everywhere were caping for Ian Conner on twitter. But something new was happening; people were no longer turning a blind eye to the ignorance or injustice. Women were blowing the whistle and people started listening.

 I felt it necessary to create a safe space to educate my community on the damaging effects of rape culture in our society. The conversation was happening online but what about in real life? 

The DC show provided as a fundraiser for the Maryland Coalition for Sexual Assault and The DC Rape Crisis Center

Fact Sheet by Anisa Mcgowen(@ohlaafemi)

Its time we stop treating REAL sex education like a taboo.  

We held Operation Consent LA at ClubPro LA on January 12th, 2017 from 7pm - 11pm. Fundraising for Peace Over Violence, an LA based organization working with victims of sexual, domestic, and interpersonal violence, and for future Operation Consent Events.