News & Updates

1.23.18- Took us a lul break. But We Back. *word to Sir E.U.* March is Women's History Month and I've got hella tricks up my sleeve. We're currently accepting submissions and seeking volunteers for 5 events in Washington, D.C. in March. Seeking Artists, Performers, Volunteers, Sponsors, and Vendors. If interested, please email

3.17.17- A Hugeeee shoutout to all those who supported OCLA and OCDC! Both events were beautifully unique in energy, content and diversity. 

But Wait! Theres More!

We're continuing the Operation Consent series in NY on March 28th, 2017 from 7-11 at Starr Bar BK. $5 donations at the door. *This Event is 21+! sorry to our underaged friends.  

Also we have 4 other upcoming shows including ATL, Philly, Chicago, and San Fran. If you'd like to submit work please email me at

Dont forget to follow us on IG: @icannotcomplain

1.5.17- Okay so Operation Consent is coming to LA January 12th, 2017. We'll be donating to Peace Over Violence an amazing LA based organization working in the community. Hosted at Club Pro LA in DTLA from 7pm -11pm. Come through, keep it cute, have a snack, express yourself, see some art. All the above. 

Operation Consent will also be back in DC and heading to NY this year with the help of co-directors Rebecca Bean and Dolly Martinez.

10.22.16- We're BAACKKKKKKK! Its been a beautiful hectic summer and fall is here to prep us for this winter's festivities. Getting back into a flow since returning to LA has had my head spinning and of course I was planning to have a lot of things settled in by August, but you know how time works for no one? Yeah, i'm included in that no one. But I respect the process! Looking forward to 3 exhibitions(for real this time), as well as some mini events to be on the look out for! 

Operation Consent will return in December to Downtown LA, expanding to Brooklyn and D.C. in the New Year. I wonder if D.C. is down to be our Valentine this year...

6.17.16- Its my last full day in Capetown, South Africa and I am spending it in my airbnb coordinating a new mini series, #ASafeSpace. A discussion taking place in LA on preventative solutions to gun and sexual violence. for RSVP visit  

6.12.16- Hey Yall! So We have so many cool things brewing in the ICC headquarters. Another Operation Consent is being panned for August in LA, a new series called, The Girls Room is being developed, were looking into vending for Afropunk and Slut Walk this summer. I've been in South Africa since the beginning of June and have met so many amazing artists that have also inspired an artist in residency program as well as our own space that we would like to start planning and acquiring in 2017. 

5.5.16- Feliz Cinco De Mayo! Im currently sitting in a coffee shop in Koreatown, Los Angeles, CA completely contradictory to my usual tequila and taco initiatives for this day. Grant writing, research, and budgeting are on the menu today as I Cannot Complain prepares to create its first permanent communal safe space in Los Angeles! We have officially "moved"(though we're everywhere that there is a sense of community). 

Submissions for "Operation Consent LA: Teach The Babies" are now open until June 5th! I might extend that...i'll keep you posted. Either way, Teach the Babies is geared towards diminishing myths that rape culture and the US sex ed system have worked hand in hand to perpetuate. If you would like to submit artwork, email the cyborg:

4.23.16- Donations to MCASA have been sent over! I'm currently in the process of getting to the root of Rape culture in different areas as well as talking some community educator training courses as i prepare to travel and plan on taking ICnntCmpln with me. 

4.20.16- Happy 4.20 Yall! and Just in time for the Holiday, the funds in our paypal cleared so we were able to do a little donating today! We went ahead and sent $366 to The DC Rape Crisis Center. Unfortunately, MCASA is having website issues, but will be back up and running this week so we can send those coins yall raised! Again I'm so proud of each person that attended ICC: Operation consent. 

4.16.16- ALSO just wanted to add this info for anyone who needs it. here are the numbers for the Rape Crisis Hotline 202.333.RAPE(7273) also for anyone of course, but particularly men, here is the number to James Landrith. he is a survivor and activist 301.318.8338.

If you're looking to get involved further, including trainings to help with sexual violence prevention in schools and other forms of involvement, call Amanda Lindamood 202.618.5089 or visit or

4.16.16- WE ACTUALLY RAISED $832! $100 for UA(which i have personally given to Luke in his hands the night of the event) and now $732($366 each) for DCRCC and MCASA! I made a video and erythang being embarrassing trying to do math. I just want yall to always see the process. i realize i misspoke at the end of the totals so i transfered the addition $1. 


4.14.16- Operaton Consent, an informative interactive exhibition for all people raising awareness on rape culture and the importance of consent. As a community, we raised over $500! $100 for the Union Arts Warehouse and $274 each for the DC Rape Crisis Center and the Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assualt. We are so humbled and more excited than ever to continue to grow, educate, give, and create safe spaces for the community.