Distracted From the ICE(2019)

An endurance performance.

On a 38 degree night in DC, Sedna filled a metal basin with fresh rainwater collected on the roof of Dwell. Some water buckets were filled with cigarette butts, leaves and other random debris. In the basin was also two bags of ice. Sedna sat submerging her lower body completely in the ice water while listing things she was thankful for. At the end of the 10 minute ice bath rant, Sedna reminded the audience again of thousands of migrant people who have been detained by ICE from 2018-2019 and how easily we have been distracted from this issue. All people deserve space, love, warmth, and freedom from ICE.

Aquarius Rebirth

Families Belong Together(2018)

Solidarity Protest.

In 2018 over 10,000 children were separated from their families in government sanctioned kidnappings acted out by ICE. There was a nationwide call to protest this atrocity on the same weekend of an artist retreat Sedna and 8 other artists were participating in. In this demonstration, Sedna used climbing rope to bind all those on the property together in one space to stand in solidarity with the protests happening outside. A time of stillness and silence was opened up to bring back a sense of mindfulness and intention to the space and to remind artist of the innate responsibility of the artists to bring change to the world around us.

The Root Community. Sprakers, New York


Bound To Bloom(2017)

Regardless of boundaries implemented, nature has and will always find a way to grow through.

This is the story of a tree nymph who was captured by an evil witch. Despite her advances to stifle the nymphs powers and bring darkness to the forest, the nymph remains a source of light in the darkness and brings life back to her home.

with Jenny Nguyen and Brandon Stanceille


Letters To God (2017)

A performance piece.

Sedna served as the alter to which spectators were invited to write letters to God and place them in her rope. Some people saw this as a confessional, some sat in silent prayer. As the concept of God has been passed down for generations in the African American community, Sedna gives a safe space to honor the God of our ancestors.

Some Other Ship Brookyn, New York


Ask Your Sister(2017)

A Live Installation

“When the flowers can fall, I can rise” Often times we forget how to ask for help. In more often times, we dont know how to help. In this installation, Sedna depends on the help of her community to lift her up off the ground and give way to filling herself up with beauty and love provided by the support of those around her.

Operation Consent LA