How can I help?


I Cannot Complain is always looking for artists, poets, and performers to submit their work to our upcoming exhibitions. 


Our curent campaign, Operation Consent, revolves around the dismantling of Rape Culture and encouraging a Culture of Consent. Shows will be in LA, NYC, and D.C. If interested in submitting to any of these shows or donating work to Operation Consent, Please email Elise at


I Cannot Complain is completely self funded. But we still need help! All donations go to ICC's paypal account(which btw isnt linked to any other acct) to help with the cost of venues, supplies for shows, food and beverage costs, and having the means to help the community. When a young woman is in an unsafe place and needs an uber to get home, ICC has been there. When an artist has no money to eat ICC has been there. To donate Click the link below.




If you have a brand that would like to sell merchandise or team up with ICC for future events.  Please email Elise at